The story of the GIM Organic begins with the founder Atta ur Rehman Suddal, from the very beginning had a very clear objective of attaining and maintaining perfection in rice processing and ensuring ultimate satisfaction of its customers, At GIM Organic, the end game for developing good corporate strategy is to make our business more valuable, by establishing clear pathways for sustainable profitable growth that helps build fundamental intrinsic value. Over the years, we have performed consistently across both economic and commodity cycles.

Our Journey

To achieve this, our team had to be innovative in every aspect of the marketing mix, including positioning, packaging, distribution and communication. This, no doubt, was a costly exercise, but turned out to be the right investment in the longer term. GIM Organic’, exporting to America, Middle East and other markets such as Africa and Europe.


This just shows how far we have come in such a short span of time. Our business model creates value by meeting the needs of consumers, developing mutually beneficial long serving relationships with our customers and achieving cost leadership through procurement efficiencies. Delivering high quality, great tasting products for our customers and consumers is critical to the success of our organization. Strict quality management processes ensure our products meet the highest stringent quality and safety requirements of the food industry. GIM Organic is dedicated to up holding its tradition of excellence and remaining the premier exporter of Basmati rice and Himalayan Salt worldwide.